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How Medical Marijuana Can Help with the Side Effects of Chemo

The benefits of medical marijuana for those receiving chemotherapy treatments for cancer or other diseases are well-documented. Relief of the side effects associated with chemo is one of the first things medical marijuana advocates proclaimed in the ongoing battle to legalize medical marijuana everywhere. Side effects of chemotherapy that medical marijuana may help with include:

  • Pain

If a chemotherapy patient is hesitant about using medical marijuana, its demonstrated relief of pain associated with chemo and cancers might change their mind. Several studies have found that medical marijuana, especially when inhaled, causes significant pain relief for patients who could not find relief with strong prescription pain medications. The relief of neuropathy-related pain, which can occur in some cancers, has also been shown in patients who smoke or vape medical marijuana. Continue reading “How Medical Marijuana Can Help with the Side Effects of Chemo”

How Medical Marijuana Helps Neuropathic Pain

The medical benefits of medical marijuana use are explored more every day. One of the most promising benefits research has shown so far is in chronic pain management. This comes as no surprise to cannabis users, as anecdotally, marijuana has been used for pain for millennia. While are types of pain have not yet been researched, one that has been of particular interest to medical marijuana researchers is neuropathy.

Neuropathy, sometimes called peripheral neuropathy, is not one specific condition, but instead refers to a collection of conditions that result from damage to the body’s peripheral nerves. Pins and needles type tingling pain or numbness are neuropathy’s hallmarks. Neuropathy is a symptom of various diseases and conditions. Diabetes is a common underlying cause of neuropathy. Continue reading “How Medical Marijuana Helps Neuropathic Pain”