How to Choose a Medical Cannabis Strain

Once you’ve received your medical marijuana prescription, it’s time to head to the dispensary to have it filled. A dispensary, known in Florida as Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers or MMTCs, is simply a pharmacy that fills only marijuana-based prescriptions. MMTCs must be licensed by the state of Florida to operate legally. You can find a list of all Florida’s licensed MMTCs here. Never fill your medical marijuana prescription anywhere that is not on this list or you are risking arrest and criminal charges. Continue reading “How to Choose a Medical Cannabis Strain”

Understanding the Medical Marijuana Evaluations Process

If you are just learning about all the ways medical marijuana can benefit your chronic health conditions and improve your quality of life, you’ve probably wondered what the process is to get a prescription. In this post, we cover the basics of Florida’s medical marijuana evaluations process, so you can start taking advantage of this life-changing medication today! Continue reading “Understanding the Medical Marijuana Evaluations Process”