Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Depression?

Medical marijuana has proven to be beneficial for many conditions and ailments in recent years. Patients with anything from insomnia to chronic pain have reported relief when using medical marijuana. If you’re suffering from depression, you’ve probably wondered if medical marijuana could help you too.

Depression is a medical illness that affects the way a person thinks, acts, and feels. Depression can affect various body systems and leave the sufferer completely non-functional. Treatment is possible, but issues with access to services and patient follow-through make it tough.

Luckily for Florida residents, depression is a qualifying condition for medical marijuana here. The state of Florida recognizes the significant improvement that patients can see by incorporating medical marijuana into their depression treatment regimens. The use of marijuana to treat depression symptoms is also supported by medical research.

A 2014 study confirmed that medical marijuana improved poor sleep, anxiety, and pain, which are all symptoms of depression. A 2017 study found that certain doses of THC and CBD could reduce these symptoms. But, the most impressive evidence comes from a 2020 study in which over 95% of patients reported improvement in depression symptoms while using medical marijuana.

So, how exactly does marijuana improve depression symptoms? Well, the exact pathways aren’t fully understood, but researchers believe it has something to do with endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are chemicals that are produced naturally in the human body and found in the brain. Researchers noticed that people with lower endocannabinoid levels are more likely to have depression symptoms. They also noticed that the chemical makeup of endocannabinoids is very similar to cannabis. 

Researchers believe that when a depressed patient ingests medical marijuana, certain molecules bind to the receptors in the brain normally bound by endocannabinoids, thus reducing the depression symptoms.

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