Florida’s Medical Marijuana Laws That You Need to Know

If you’re trying to learn about medical marijuana laws in Florida, the information out there can be really confusing. Since marijuana use is still such a controversial subject, it’s natural for people to want to know all of the rules before considering it as a treatment option. In this post, we break down the laws related to medical marijuana use in Florida. Want to read all of the laws yourself? Here’s a link to Florida Senate Bill 8-A and Florida Statute 381.986 – Medical use of marijuana. Continue reading “Florida’s Medical Marijuana Laws That You Need to Know”

What You Need to Know About THCV

If you keep up with news about cannabis and marijuana in the United States, you’ve no doubt heard of THC and CBD, the two most prominent substances found in cannabis. Each cannabis strain contains a ratio of these two chemical compounds, which dictates how the cannabis will affect the human body when ingested. However, cannabis contains hundreds of other chemical compounds, known as phytocannabinoids.  Continue reading “What You Need to Know About THCV”

List of Qualifying Medical Marijuana Conditions in Florida

The list of conditions that can be improved by adding medical marijuana to a patient’s treatment plan is growing by the day. What started in Florida as an option for only the most debilitating terminal pain and symptoms has now blossomed into a life-changing remedy for a variety of ailments! In this post, we list the medical conditions that the state of Florida has deemed as appropriate to be treated with medical marijuana. Continue reading “List of Qualifying Medical Marijuana Conditions in Florida”

How Medical Marijuana Helps with Sleep Disorders

Medical marijuana has surged in popularity over the past few years as a treatment for everything from pain to acne to anxiety. Medical research has definitively proven that medical marijuana, sometimes referred to as medical cannabis, THC, or CBD, relieves pain and inflammation just as well as prescription narcotics and anti-inflammatories. This usage of medical marijuana can pose questions regarding how it can be used for other conditions, like sleep disorders. Continue reading “How Medical Marijuana Helps with Sleep Disorders”

Uses for Topical Marijuana

Marijuana (also commonly known as cannabis) has seen a huge surge in popularity for medical uses in the past decade. With multiple U.S. states legalizing the use of medical marijuana, many people are looking for ways to enjoy the many benefits without the risks of smoking it. Topical products are just one way people are experimenting with medical marijuana. Continue reading “Uses for Topical Marijuana”