Effects of Marijuana on Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are characterized by fear and worry that is so severe it affects a person’s functioning or daily life. While a little anxiety during stressful times is normal, anxiety that keeps you from leaving your home or spending time with friends and family is not.

Treatments, medications, and home remedies to treat anxiety produce mixed results. Traditionally a home remedy, the use of marijuana to alleviate anxiety symptoms is nothing new. Anecdotal evidence suggests that people have been using marijuana for centuries for various reasons, including medical.

People who use marijuana for anxiety treatment report:

  • Better sleep
  • More relaxation
  • More inner peace
  • Less worry and fear
  • Better daily functioning

In recent years, governments and other organizations have shown interest in exploring marijuana’s anxiety-relieving qualities. More funding has been put into unlocking the true healing potential of this plant, and the results so far are very exciting.

Research suggests that low doses of THC (the psychoactive chemical in marijuana that gets you “high”) and any dose of CBD (the non-psychoactive chemical in marijuana) can relieve anxiety symptoms in many patients.

A study in 2017 by the University of Washington confirms that both THC and CBD, at certain doses, are effective for short-term anxiety treatment. A 2015 review of studies shares this conclusion. And, while some claim that marijuana use can make anxiety symptoms worse, a different study in 2015 failed to make that connection.

Here in Florida, we’re fortunate to live in a state that allows medical marijuana to be prescribed for anxiety treatment. When ingested as part of a larger holistic treatment plan, medical marijuana, and especially CBD, can greatly improve anxiety symptoms for chronic sufferers.

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