February is Marijuana Awareness Month

You’ve probably heard a lot about marijuana recently with it gaining traction both medically and recreationally all across the United States, but did you know that February is Marijuana Awareness Month? 

Here in Florida, medicinal use of marijuana or cannabis is legal as long as it is prescribed by a state-licensed physician for a Florida resident listed on the state’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry and purchased from a state-approved dispensary. The cannabis that is allowed to be dispensed medicinally here in Florida is typically classified as CBD or low-THC. However, recreational use of marijuana in Florida remains illegal and carries harsh penalties. So, while we have come a long way as a state in making this life-changing medicine available to residents, we still have a long way to go when it comes to appropriate cannabis regulation.

So, let’s celebrate Marijuana Awareness Month 2022 by debunking some of those long-held beliefs and misconceptions about marijuana:

Myth #1: All Marijuana Gets You High

Fact: There are many forms of marijuana today that are specifically grown to contain low amounts of THC. THC is the substance in conventionally grown marijuana that gives people a euphoric or high feeling. Low-THC marijuana has been shown to have substantial health benefits for people with a wide variety of both physical and mental health conditions without any undesirable effects or feelings.

Myth #2: If I Use Marijuana, I’ll Become a Drug Addict

Fact: We’ve all heard fear-mongers refer to marijuana as a “gateway” drug, but research confirms that there is no conclusive link between using marijuana and going on to use other illicit substances. In fact, experts agree that the same reasons that might cause a young person to use illicit substances, such as poverty, lack of education, and other socio-economic factors, are probably the same reasons that lead them to eventually use marijuana. Researchers also note that almost all teenagers use alcohol or smoke cigarettes prior to using marijuana, indicating that alcohol and nicotine are more likely candidates for “gateway” drugs.

Myth #3: Marijuana Use Causes Cancer

Fact: In 2006, researchers at UCLA conducted a study in which they hypothesized that smoking marijuana would directly correlate with contracting lung cancer, and the more marijuana a person smokes, the higher their chances of developing lung cancer. Both of these hypotheses were proven wrong. Even heavy marijuana smokers typically do not smoke enough to contribute to the development of lung cancer and their study even found that the chemicals that marijuana is made of may actually inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors.

Find Out How Marijuana Can Make Your Life Better Today!

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