How Medical Marijuana Helps Neuropathic Pain

The medical benefits of medical marijuana use are explored more every day. One of the most promising benefits research has shown so far is in chronic pain management. This comes as no surprise to cannabis users, as anecdotally, marijuana has been used for pain for millennia. While are types of pain have not yet been researched, one that has been of particular interest to medical marijuana researchers is neuropathy.

Neuropathy, sometimes called peripheral neuropathy, is not one specific condition, but instead refers to a collection of conditions that result from damage to the body’s peripheral nerves. Pins and needles type tingling pain or numbness are neuropathy’s hallmarks. Neuropathy is a symptom of various diseases and conditions. Diabetes is a common underlying cause of neuropathy.

Once neuropathy has begun, there’s no turning back. Correcting the underlying disease will prevent further harm, but the damage to the peripheral nerves is irreversible, and patients are left with no other option than pain management. Traditionally, pain management options for neuropathy were limited to weak OTC pain killers, deadly opioids, or surgery. Some pain relief has also been linked to antidepressant medications, antiepileptic medications, and neuromodulation techniques.

However, research has shown great promise in using medically prescribed marijuana for pain related to neuropathy. Several randomized, controlled clinical trials have proven cannabis’ efficacy in reducing neuropathy-related pain, especially when the cannabis is given with other non-prescription analgesic pain relief. So how does it work? It’s still not fully understood, but researchers do know that the human body produces its own endocannabinoids when injured. The endocannabinoids act as a circuit breaker for nerve pain, interfering with pain transmission. Ingesting medical marijuana, especially when inhaled, has been shown to mimic this body process. More research is needed, but what we’ve seen so far could be a game-changer for neuropathy patients who have tried OTC pain relievers without success but don’t want to move up to addictive prescriptions or risky surgery.

If you suffer from peripheral neuropathy in Ft. Myers or Lehigh Acres and want an effective but safe treatment choice, you should give medical marijuana a chance. Our team of medical professionals will assess your condition, educate you about the benefits of medical marijuana, and assist you in obtaining a Florida medical marijuana card. This card will allow you to purchase medical marijuana in Florida safely and legally at a licensed dispensary. Visit to get started today!