• 1. Document your medical history

    Patients must fill out our online forms to provide our staff with more information about your health.

  • 2. Make an appointment

    The qualifying patient must be diagnosed with a medically indicated condition by a certified physician during an in-person medical exam.

  • 3. Apply for Medical Marijuana Card

    Patients apply for a Registry Identification Card (Medical Marijuana Card). Our team will help you complete the application process. A $75 application fee needs to be sent to the state. For fastest application processing, we recommend you pay online.

  • 4. Our physician will submit your registration

    7-10 days after the registration is sent to the State, you will receive an email with notification that your application has been approved. You will receive a temporary identification card and a physical identification card in the mail. Our qualifying physician will send your recommendation orders to the State.

  • 5. Fill your order and feel better

    Now you can visit a medical marijuana dispensary and fill the recommendation placed by your qualifying physician.