Understanding the Medical Marijuana Evaluations Process

If you are just learning about all the ways medical marijuana can benefit your chronic health conditions and improve your quality of life, you’ve probably wondered what the process is to get a prescription. In this post, we cover the basics of Florida’s medical marijuana evaluations process, so you can start taking advantage of this life-changing medication today!

  • Gather Your Health History

The first step in the medical marijuana evaluations process is to gather your personal and family health history. You will report this information to us by filling out our Patient Forms before your in-person visit.

  • Schedule an Appointment

All patients who wish to apply for a medical marijuana card must be seen in person by a physician who is certified by the state of Florida to prescribe medical marijuana products. During this in-person visit, the physician will review your health history forms, perform a complete physical examination, and discuss your issues with you.

If you are unable to visit one of our offices due to your disabilities, we can come to you! Ask about our home visit services when you call.

  • Apply for a Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry Card

If our physicians diagnose you with a qualifying condition, you can then apply for a state-approved medical marijuana card. The physician will submit a referral to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry to confirm that you’ve met the requirements for approval, and we’ll help you complete the application so there’s a minimal delay.

  • Receive Your Approval Documentation

Approximately 7-10 business days after the state receives the physician referral, you should receive your approval email. Note that if you choose to receive a paper notification, it may take longer to receive your approval notice.

  • Fill Your Prescription and Start Feeling Better!

Once you receive your approval and card, you can take the prescription given to you by our physician to any state-approved medical marijuana dispensary, also known as treatment centers. The treatment center staff will guide you to the correct low-THC or CBD marijuana products for your prescription, condition, and expectations.

Apply For Your Medical Marijuana Use Registry Card Today!

Hakunah Matata can help you get relief from debilitating painful conditions like cancer, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, depression, and more with safe, effective medical marijuana treatment products. Call us at (239) 789-6561 or request an appointment online and start the process toward feeling better today!